Ford F250 and F350 Tailgate Storage
Ford F250 and F350 Tailgate Storage
Ford F250 and F350 Tailgate Storage

Ford F250 and F350 Tailgate Storage

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Upgrade Your Vehicle's Potential with Our Ford F250 Tailgate Storage Box

Have you thought of leveraging every bit of your vehicle's space? Welcome to Huracan Fabrication, where we innovate to accommodate the unique needs of Australian tradies with our groundbreaking Ford F250 Tailgate Storage Box.

Ingenious Storage Solution: Ford F250 Tailgate Tool Box

The modern ute offers abundant space, yet the quest for an organised, secure compartment for smaller essentials like 4WD recovery equipment and first aid gear remains. Here, our Ford F250 Tailgate Tool Box emerges as a beacon of convenience, eliminating the woes of disarray by providing a sophisticated storage solution.

Craftsmanship and Durability

Our tailgate storage boxes, synonymous with unparalleled quality, are meticulously crafted. They come fully lockable, feature gas struts for steady lid support when open, and boast a carpeted interior to cushion your valuables. These attributes ensure that once installed, the resilience of our storage box parallels the factory tailgate's robustness, promising long-lasting security and durability.

Integration and Adaptability

Our Ford F250 Tailgate Storage Box amalgamates seamlessly with your vehicle. It requires some DIY skills and essential tools for installation. Although it necessitates modifications to the original tailgate, the integration augments your vehicle's utility. It's imperative to note that compatibility restrictions exist with the optional step inside the tailgate and some aftermarket central locking kits.

Precision-Cut Excellence and Versatility

The modification plates of our storage solutions are cut with laser precision, allowing the transformation of your Ford F250 tailgate into a secure compartment without compromising the original strength and integrity. This space, easily accessible yet securely lockable, is versatile enough to store various items, offering an organised solution for tradies.

Customisation and Timeliness in Delivery

Huracan Fabrication values the uniqueness of each customer's needs, offering made-to-order kits to accommodate individual preferences. These Ford F350 Tailgate Storage Box and Ford F350 Tailgate Tool Box solutions are shipped out within a lead time of 5-6 business days, ensuring you receive your tailored solutions promptly.

Transparent and Diverse Shipping Options

Our shipping process is transparent and user-friendly, with automatic calculations at checkout for orders across Australia. For international clientele, a variety of rates can be viewed at checkout. If your country needs to be listed, we invite you to request a personalised quote, guaranteeing a seamless international shopping experience.

Enriched Safety through Tailgate/Toolbox Meetings

Promoting work safety is pivotal, and tailgate/toolbox meetings are the cornerstone in raising awareness about potential hazards and fostering a secure working environment. These meetings are instrumental in addressing and mitigating risks associated with various work tasks, advocating for safety, and contributing to a harm-free workspace.

Experience Transformation with Huracan Fabrication

At Huracan Fabrication, we don't just provide storage solutions; we offer a transformation experience. Our range of storage boxes is the epitome of innovation, designed to cater to the ever-evolving needs of the hardworking tradies in Australia.

Our relentless pursuit of excellence ensures every Ford F250 Tailgate Storage Box that leaves our workshop is a masterpiece of craftsmanship and functionality. Whether you are focusing on maximising your vehicle's storage capabilities or aiming to keep your tools organised and secure, we provide a suite of options that redefine vehicular utility.

Our products' alignment of precision, quality, and adaptability delivers a unique edge, making Huracan Fabrication your go-to partner in achieving enhanced operational efficiency and convenience. By opting for our state-of-the-art storage solutions, you are not just choosing a product but investing in a legacy of quality, commitment, and innovation.

A Journey of Innovation with Huracan Fabrication

Embark on a transformative journey with Huracan Fabrication. Our meticulously crafted Ford F250 and F350 Tailgate Storage Boxes and Tool Boxes are more than just storage solutions; they are a commitment to quality, innovation, and unparalleled user experience.

Experience the future of vehicular utility with our industry-leading products.

Let every journey be a testament to convenience, security, and organisational excellence. Huracan Fabrication is not just a choice; it's a lifestyle of excellence, a commitment to quality, and a journey towards unparalleled vehicular transformation.

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Ranger Tailgate Storage
Very impressed by the quality of these. Tailgate seems to be at least as strong as it was before but it now has some extra storage for recovery gear. Great kit!

Tim Herwig

100 Series Chopping Board

This is a fantastic simple swap out replacement of the tailgate carpet. Super simple install with minimal tools required. Really strong and gives a clean finish.

Cameron S

GU Patrol Seat Adapter Kit

Easy to fit with instructions, xr6 seats fitted, I'm 6'1, I sit a tad higher now, without using extra spacers it fits me perfect. Even the toughest critic agrees, thanks !


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