D40 Navara Tailgate Storage
D40 Navara Tailgate Storage
D40 Navara Tailgate Storage
D40 Navara Tailgate Storage
D40 Navara Tailgate Storage
D40 Navara Tailgate Storage
D40 Navara Tailgate Storage
D40 Navara Tailgate Storage
D40 Navara Tailgate Storage

D40 Navara Tailgate Storage

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Experience Next-Level Organisation with D40 Navara Tailgate Storage

Is Your Ute Truly Organised to Its Full Potential?

In the dynamic world of utes, an organised storage solution remains an elusive dream for many, especially for the tradies who find themselves constantly shuffling through their gear. But imagine a world where every tool has its place, where every piece of equipment can be found without the frantic search. That world is now a reality with D40 Navara Tailgate Storage.

Introducing the Navara D40 Tailgate Storage: A Revolution in Ute Organisation

Have you ever glanced at your D40 tailgate and seen it just as... well, a tailgate? Time to think bigger! Your tailgate has the power to transform into an organised storage haven. Modern utes might be expansive, but challenges often arise when it comes to finding the ideal spot for smaller, crucial tools or equipment like 4WD recovery kits or first aid gear.

Discover the D40 Navara Tailgate Storage Box

When we talk about transformation, we mean business. Here's a closer look at what our tailgate storage offers:

  • Safety and Security: With a lockable design, be rest assured that your essential tools and gear are secure.
  • Thoughtful Design: Gas struts that ensure a smooth opening and a carpeted interior showcase our commitment to quality and user experience.
  • Robust Build: Once fitted, this storage box doesn't just match the durability of factory tailgates – it surpasses it.
  • Generous Dimensions: The internal space is more than adequate – 65mm depth, 1335mm length, and 375mm width. Perfect for those oddly shaped or more extended tools.
  • DIY Friendly, With A Note: While we applaud the DIY spirit, ensure you're equipped with the necessary tools and skills. Fitting this compartment involves some modifications to your original tailgate.

Shipping Your D40 Navara Tailgate Storage Box Australia Wide

Your convenience is paramount to us. Our state-of-the-art website seamlessly calculates the shipping costs during checkout for all our local customers. For those ordering from overseas, specific locations will display their rates at the checkout phase. If you find that your location isn't displayed, don't hesitate to get in touch for a personalised shipping quote.

Elevate Your Tailgate: The Premium Add-On Features

Beyond the basics, we offer several enhancements to refine your storage experience further:

  • Polycarbonate Protective Sheet: A tailboard guard can be compared to the screen protector on your smartphone. It gives an additional layer of defence against potential dings or scrapes.
  • Spot Weld Removal Tool: Simplifying the separation process, this tool aids in detaching the top sheet from the inner ribbing of the tailgate.
  • Illuminating LED Light Strip: This LED strip, powered by a battery, is attached to the storage lid's underside. For those comfortable with electrical systems, you can also integrate it into your car's 12v setup.
  • Weather-Proofing with the Tailgate Storage Rain Seal: Designed for utes with an open tub, this seal keeps your tools and equipment safe from rain, ensuring no water slips between the door and storage box.

Personalised for Perfection: Made-to-Order Tailgate Storage

Customisation is at the heart of our offerings. Every kit is crafted keeping your specific needs in mind. After placing an order, we meticulously prepare your kit, requesting a lead time of up to 5 business days for dispatch. However, an essential note: our kits might not be compatible with specific aftermarket central locking systems.

The D40 Navara Tailgate Storage Box Advantage

So, why invest in a tailgate storage solution? In the fast-paced world of tradies, efficiency is everything. Organised tools translate to quicker job completion, fewer losses, and a streamlined workflow. Plus, the added peace of mind of knowing that every piece of equipment is safe and readily accessible is priceless.

Seize the opportunity today and redefine how you use and view your ute's storage capabilities. With the D40 Navara Tailgate Storage, you're not just getting a storage solution but investing in a revolutionised work experience.

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Ranger Tailgate Storage
Very impressed by the quality of these. Tailgate seems to be at least as strong as it was before but it now has some extra storage for recovery gear. Great kit!

Tim Herwig

100 Series Chopping Board

This is a fantastic simple swap out replacement of the tailgate carpet. Super simple install with minimal tools required. Really strong and gives a clean finish.

Cameron S

GU Patrol Seat Adapter Kit

Easy to fit with instructions, xr6 seats fitted, I'm 6'1, I sit a tad higher now, without using extra spacers it fits me perfect. Even the toughest critic agrees, thanks !


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